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Tinycrafts is sadly defunct !!

D name ws too bigg to remember at d first time.. Nd so ws it difficult to talk at first.. Obv it took 8 longg months.. Dat first tym wn i strtd knwin u ws during exams.. U wer my ''copying partner''. Dn i strtd realising talkin to u ws nt dat difficult. Nd dn it strtd.. Our frndship.. ******* changd to js *****.. Discussing subjects.. Exchnging numbrs.. Dn our stupid nd boring tlks (boring fr u)..
Nd dat laughing toghtr nd those high fives. Dn it ws fun to b wid a person who is much more lazier dan me. Someone of my sort.. Somebody who tried undrstnding me. Nd dn U became my item assy.. Sharing thngs wid u nt difficlt at all. I nvr realised hw *** chngd to **** nd all those stupid names. U became my ''prank partner''.. ..contd. As tym passed by dis bond grew stronger nd i hope it always does..
Today its ur 19th bday nd i wish a vry long life so dat i cn always bore u :D. Never find urslf alone cuz a frnd is always wid u. Cheers!! To those laughters, smiles, tears we shared. Cheers to those lemonades eclair nd paneer we had. Cheers to all d slaps u had nd all those pranks we palyed. Nd hw cud i frget.. Cheers to our first fight nd that **ap.. A very happy bday ***Long live our frndship.. I dnt knw if u will like dis or not.. It all seems stupid to me thou bt dis is all wht i have to say.. A vry vry happy bday.. :* :*.. Item assy!!